2020- the Year Looking Forward

Hello everyone, after a very long time away I am back and, with a new zest, will continue to pump out weekly, (hopefully) quality content for you all to enjoy. Since this will be going up around the New Year I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about my hopes and aspirations going into 2020. But first, a look back on the past…

Tick tock…

In 2019 I wrote an article about the year and what I hoped to do with the blog- essentially I wanted to inspire a few people to take up the gym and maybe carry it on. Of course I do not know how many people actually heeded my advice but from the amazing comments everyone leaves and the support I received every week I can be sure that at least someone did. Aside from these I did have some other goals that I did not write in that article. I wanted to grow the blog and better my strength, both of which I achieved- the blog now has just under 1000 views from a little over 500 people and my power lifting total increased to just over 400kgs.

Going forward I want to build on what I achieved last year and climb new heights in both my power lifting and my blog. On the power lifting front I have set some fairly ambitious targets for the three lifts 125kg for bench, 175kg for squat and 225 for deadlift. This would bring my total up to 525kg and put me in good stead for a competition in a few years. In regards to the blog I would like to reorganise it into the modern slick design I always wanted it to be. Numbers wise I want to hit 1,500 views from around 1000 people and grow to 500 followers.

I am looking forward to the year ahead, if you can’t already tell, and all it may hold. May yours be as fruitful as I wish mine to be.

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