Believe in Others and Yourself, Heres Why…

Believing in yourself has become a bit of a buzzword when talking about motivation in the fitness community. And I think that many times it is just ignored because of how commonly it is said. However, what if there was actual measurable science behind it? Would that change your opinion? Meet the Pygmalion effect.

Pygmalion Effect.png
The Pygmalion cycle

Essentially the Pygmalion cycle is a cycle of beliefs and actions. To help me explain it I will use the following example. Say your a coach and you really want the best out of a player. So to achieve this, you support, congratulate and push that athlete to be better. The athlete hears these words of support and begins to like you as a coach and believe the things you say. Those beliefs begin to manifest themselves into actions and the athlete starts working harder, pushing himself to be better and achieving more because of it. Those actions then reinforce the initial beliefs as a coach and the cycle starts again. This gives the potential for a a huge amount of progress. But it also gives the potential for a huge amount of regress. But the question is, how ,as a coach, can you ensure a positive outcome?

The answer is quite simple, but hard to consistently do. All you need to do as a coach is approach every single athlete you come into contact with the exact same. The way is with pure positivity- trying to achieve the most you can with every person possible. This seems simple enough, but sadly human nature gets in the way.

Social Animals.jpg
Rock Hyraxes as examples of a social animals

Because we are such highly evolved social animals we can decide upon someones character before we know their name. This is part of the natural discrimination present in all of us. This fact will taint some of those initial beliefs you may have of one athlete and throw off the entire cycle. To overcome this requires a certain level of maturity and wisdom. The knowledge that no matter what your assumptions of a person are, there is a great deal of potential just hidden beneath the surface. Coaches and athletes alike, please listen to this as it can really change the fate of your training.

I am sorry for the lack of posts/ energy. Just sorting some things out in my personal life. I hope you, my loyal viewers, understand. Any further questions then just drop them down below.

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