Consistency Over Intensity- a Piece of Advice

Earlier this week a friend approached me and ,after a friendly chat, told me how due to school and other commitments he had to cram his three day plan into just three days. Normally his three training days would be flanked by rest days- so as to keep him fresh and energised for the next day.  This left him feeling very sore and dreading his next session. So to try and help I give him this piece of advice- consistency over intensity. By his reaction I felt so compelled as to write an article about it.

To explain this concept I used a toothbrush. If person A brushes their teeth 21 times in one day and person B brushes their teeth twice a day for seven days- who will have the cleaner teeth? Even though person A brushed their teeth seven times more than person B, person B has cleaner teeth.  Person A was intense while person B was consistent. Person B may decide to not brush their teeth for three days but as long as they are consistent for the other three hundred and sixty two days of the year they are fine. The same concept can be applied to the above example. It doesn’t matter that he might have missed a days training, but as long as he is consistent for the other fifty one weeks of the year thats fine.

Whatever goals he or you have will not be reached in single training session. They will not be reached in a week, a year or even a decade. Despite this you need the maturity to know that skipping a training session or cheating on your diet will not jeopardise them and that you should never try and rectify it by doing the other extreme.

This is a very short article today but it is one that I felt needed to be shared. Often times advice can help much much more than any type of training regime or diet, and that was the logic behind this. If you want further help then please contact me using the contact information on the top of the home page.

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