2019-the Year Looking Forward

Sorry about the break that I took over the last month or so- it was not meant to be so long but things such as exams and sport drained me of the energy to write and look after my blog and Instagram page. But I am back, and looking forward to all that the new year has to offer.

Since it is the new year and the “new year new me” philosophy is very much in the air, I wanted to use my first post of the year to share some experience with those who are just starting with the gym and those who are considering it.

The gym for some is a scary place with heavy weights, big people and complicated terminology- but like anything the more you understand the easier it gets. So tip number one would be to look things up, do some research. There are a number of very good YouTube channels out there- Jeff Nippard, Athlean- X; Instagram accounts are also a quick and easy way to find things out and so are blogs if you do not mind the reading. But make sure that the source is a valid one and the information is corroborated by others- there are a lot of lies in the fitness industry.

Now that you have done some research you should consider the practicalities of going to the gym. In order to see results consistency  is key, so there is no point going to the gym if you can only go once or twice a week. If you can go more than that then go for it ,but if you can not then I would advise you join a sports team or do some form of exercise that does not require as much time. With that in mind you may need to sacrifice some aspects of your life in order to fit in time for the gym.

This a brief post but one I hope will help those who are considering a change in 2019. If you need any further advice then do not hesitate to contact me.

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