Gym Etiquette and How to do it

I feel like this is something that comes under general good manners in the sense that you clean up after yourself and leave the place as you found it, but in this modern world those manners have been lost- so here is a post to rediscover them.

A year ago I would regularly attend my school gym getting ready for the rugby season. At the same time another gym going who I will not name would go through his routines as well. This was all fine and dandy until I realised something… He had a very bad habit. He would consistently leave the weights lying around. It did not matter whether it was a barbell or dumbbell he would leave it where he left it, and it would not move until someone else cleared it up. The rest of the gym goers and I just put up with it- week after week we would put the weight back. Luckily he no longer goes to the gym and so we no longer have to deal with it, but on the plus side he has formed the inspiration for this post.

In regards for the above problem ( putting the weight back after you have used it ) there is not much to this. Just put it back. I know it is annoying, especially if you have a lot of weight to put back but it is in the interests of everyone else and even yourself. Like some kind of disease, this slovenliness spreads and very soon you may find yourself clearing up someone else’s weight. Another reason to do this is that it stops the confusion that will follow if another gym goer, wanting to use the abandoned weight, sees it and wonders whether it is being used or not. This simply inconveniences other people and really is not a hard thing to do.

Another issue myself and others include is playing music out loud. I am a definite serial offender and I have a nasty habit of blasting my music for everyone to hear. At the gym that I use we have a speaker- free to use for those who want it, and it does get a lot of use but there is a catch. Walking in and hearing music you do not like, playing so loud your little headphones can not compete – drowning out the sound of your music, not great. Is it ? If you are that person blasting out music and you see someone come in trying to wear headphones, please tun it down or use headphones yourself.

I will not name anymore examples because generally it is about cleaning up after yourself. I apologise about the slight negative tone of this post and the topic as well. However, it does need to be said and hopefully I ,and a few of you, will change our ways.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! The Trainer (RN)* Personal Trainer, “One On One Only”


    1. No problem glad you enjoyed it

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