Polishing it off- Part Three of Three

After last weeks part you should have a training split including the number of days your going to train, the sets, reps and exercises, your training blocks and your training focuses. But this is not the end of this little series- there are some further things that you need to consider.

One of those things is meal times. Namely when you eat meals and what those meals consist of. Most people would not think this to be important but my reasoning is this… After you eat a meal blood will rush to your digestive tract to deal with the sudden influx of nutrients. So if you then decide to do some exercise that blood flow will be diverted to the muscles that you use. This could lead to a feeling of nausea or you not receiving the nutrients in the food in the meal. So, to try and avoid this you should design your meals around your training. For example if you decide to train in the early afternoon then a light lunch might be a good idea, and if you really wanted then an early breakfast might be a good idea. Another aspect of mealtimes and nutrition that you may want to consider for your workout split is what foods are consumed when. So going back to that previous example of a gym session in the early afternoon, for that light lunch I recommended you might want to stave off the fats and proteins, instead focus on micro-nutrients and carbs as these will be to your advantage.

Another aspect to be considered is what time of the day you train. Looking at the science behind this there are benefits to training in both the morning and the afternoon- so it really does not matter. But what I will say is to chose a time that will give you the most time to complete a full workout.

That is pretty much it for the split and its design, I hope these past three weeks have been useful in designing and understanding your training and how best to use it.

But one last footnote- to really find out if your training split really works you need to work with it and change it. Only through experience will you find if something works, so do not be so quick to change things if results come slower than expected.

Hope you enjoyed the little series that I did, for more interesting articles make sure to visit any one of the four categories on the home page, and to catch them every week subscribe to the email list using the pop up.

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