The Importance of Water

Water is hopefully something that you all consume on a very regular basis. Your body needs and wants it, but the reason for it is often not known amongst people. So this article will be centred around H2O and what it does for us.

I’m sure many of you have heard the “our body is 70% water” fact, this is mostly true, naturally the percentage of us that is water will differ from person to person- this is based on a number of factors such as age height and body composition. One of the many reasons for the large consumption of water is its ability to dissolve minerals. Water molecules are charged with a negative and positive part to them. So when water molecules come into contact with another charged molecule the various parts of water can form a bond with the various parts of that second molecule-pulling the second molecule apart. This does sound too biological however, groups of vitamins that we eat that are soluble in water (namely vitamins B1/2/3/9/12, C) will not be absorbed by our body if not dissolved by the water. Making water an essential cog in our great digestive systems.

A second wonderful reason to drink water is its ability to stave of the effects of hunger- this is particularly useful if you are undertaking a fasting style diet. The reason for this is because that the water will begin to fill your stomach and tell your brain that you need to eat less in order to feel full. Since water is made up of 0 calories it is an incredibly effective way to eat in a calorie deficit and lose weight. To back up my point here I will enrol the help of a 2015 study which took two groups, one of which had two cups of water before a meal with the other simply imagining they were full. The researchers found that those who drank the water lost on average 3 pounds more than those who imagined.

Water is also a brilliant temperature regulator in your body. Because of the chemical structure of water it is resistant to temperature change. So drinking enough water is an effective way to cool you down. Another way your body cools itself down is by sweating and the main component of sweat is water, so if you want to stay as cool as possible then water is the key.

Another aspect of water is its ability to keep muscles and joints healthy and working properly. Water acts as a lubricant for your joints and will increase the range of motion of joints and work to keep them healthy. Water is also a huge part of muscles allowing nutrients such as oxygen and glucose to be transported quicker to the areas that need it.

I hope you learned something and enjoyed the article. Any questions just drop me an email or DM via my Instagram page-

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