How to gain weight

Since I covered the other half of this topic last week I thought that this week I will cover the simple topic of gaining weight. And much like last week the “weight” I will be referring to is muscle.

So to put this in gym terms today I will be teaching you the secrets of bulking, putting on mass. I see many people approach bulking with a rather clouded mindset, with the “eat everything in sight” mantra booming through their heads as they consume their ninth McDonald s. But as with most things there is truth in that ideology however it isn’t exactly refined. To gain weight you need to be eating around 20% more than your maintenance calories. Now when I say 20% more I mean 20% more of the right stuff…

So this is where I believe the “eat everything in sight” idea comes from, the eat big get big philosophy stems from. For some people getting that extra 20% in can be hard and some people struggle to do that,so to make sure they are eating enough they resort to eating large amounts of fatty,sugary,processed foods. These do,in fairness, have a lot of calories in them and will easily cover the required excess you need. However, as mentioned previously in the article muscle is the goal here, and I’m sure you will know that fats and sugars are not the best way to put on muscle.

So… what should I be eating then. Well the first aspect I will consider during a good bulking meal is protein, the main nutrient needed for muscle growth.Now. People will say that you need to have one gram of protein for every pound of body weight in order to gain weight, I’m sure there is some science that backs that up but in my personal experience you don’t need nearly as much as that. I am currently attempting a bulk up to 90KG and I would estimate that I consume around 90-110 grams of protein, yet I still gain weight. Therefore, I would advise that you find what is best for you. Simple as that.

In regards to the other macro-nutrients I would have an increased intake of carbohydrates because you will need them to replace the energy expended during exercise, and for the increase of bodily chemical activity due to the heightened muscle protein synthesis. As for fats I would keep them relatively the same if not increase them, just because of how energy dense they are. To name specific foods I eat that I find are ideal would be things like eggs,potatoes,pasta,lean meats,broccoli and man more. If you would like some more advice them please contact me via email or Instagram.

Now that we have covered diet we can cover exercising, I would recommend doing a  mixture of strength or hypertrophy training. The strength training will develop strength and the hypertrophy will develop the muscle in order to help that strength. If this article gets enough attention then I will make an article dedicated to my training regime that I feel achieves good results.

And the final chapter to this article will involve results. As covered in the How to Lose Weight article the best way to show you are putting on weight and getting stronger is by looking at numbers. Make sure that your gym numbers are increasing,no matter how slowly progress is progress. Same with your weight- it will fluctuate but make sure it is slowly increasing.

Just one warning- many people will look at you and not see any change, there will also be some who are bigger,stronger than you who will look to compare themselves to you. But just know that its not what you do when people are watching, its what you do when there’s no one around, when there’s no one watching. That’s character.

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