How to Lose Weight

So this week I will dabble with the seemingly impossible task of losing weight.It is a very simple topic but a staple in ones knowledge of fitness and nutrition. I am doing this because I feel that to many people losing weight seems impossible and that only a fancy diet or some magic pill is able to control their weight. Today I will open up your eyes to some simple truths and ones which hopefully you will carry for the rest of your life.

So just to clarify when I say weight in most of my articles I do mean fat, of course muscle weighs more than fat does per gram however I doubt you will find someone who will want to burn their hard earned muscle away.

Ok- so I think the best way to explain this is if we start at the beginning. How does fat even form. Well fat is the bodies way of storing excess calories with the hope of using them later. The body subsequently stores that fat around your body and there it stays until used. However, often this fat is never used by the body so there it stays, building up until someone finally has the sense to act on it.

So… how do you force these energy stores to be used by your body. Well the secret is finding your maintenance calorie level. This the number of calories per day that your body needs to complete all its daily functions. But the problem occurs when people don’t know their maintenance calorie level  or can’t find it out. Well I have a way to find it… what you will need to do is for an entire week religiously count your calories and also measure yourself each morning. Start at the government recommended calorie intake of 2000 calories. Eat that for a week then find out what happens to your weight. If it went up then lower your calorie intake, and if it went down then up your calorie intake. Ideally you should gain no weight, and once you have reached this point then congratulations- you have found your maintenance calories.

Another little side note when I saw “find out what happens to your weight” what I mean to say is this- when following a restriction of calories your bodies weight trends will not always be a consistent decrease. Some days your weight may be up others it will be down- to try and find some results within the sea of numbers take an average weight and compare with your starting. Or failing that you could find the general trend and make the decision for yourself.

So once you have found out your maintenance calorie level in order to lose weight you need to eat in what is known as a calorie deficit, which is simply eating less than your maintenance calories. I will cover how to do this in a separate post but that’s really it. Simply eat less than you need to keep the same weight, and in order for your body to carry on completing bodily functions it will use its energy reserves to do so. In other words burning fat.

I hope this has been of some use to you and will translate to actual results. My Instagram will lie below for those who want to check it out and I promise, plenty more to come.


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  1. Keep sharing, stay motivated…

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    1. You like that phrase don’t you

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      1. Yeap! it keeps me going… else too
        motivation is the spirit that keep all of us going…

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      2. does a phrase defines a man?


      3. If he acts on it, yes


      4. that it! stick to your plan!
        work hard… stay motivated..
        share it, love it, believe it…
        nice talkin

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