Obesity , the Modern Crisis

Obesity almost didn’t exist thirty/forty years ago with fat being a show of wealth. The fatter you were the more food you had, the more food you had the richer you were. However, after centuries of research it seems that being fat is in fact not good at all.

To clarify before we move on being fat and being obese are definitely not the same thing, being fat is simply having visible external fat while obesity is caused by your height,weight and the amount of fat that is internal as well as external.

In the above paragraph I mentioned internal and external fat. By this I mean what proportion of fat carried by the person is in or around there organs. As it sounds internal fat is more dangerous than external fat, which is only under the skin. The next question that follows this is how does internal and external fat form. So external fat is simply the bodies way of storing calories to be (hopefully) turned to energy later, simply this is just by eating too many calories per day. However internal fat tends to be saturated fat that has clogged arteries or organ systems caused by eating too much saturated fat.

The dangers of external fat are that the spine can become stunted and rounded because of the force exerted on the spine. Another danger is an addiction to certain fatty and sugary foods because of the mental reaction we have with these foods. On a rather morbid note external fat will kill you eventually however not nearly as fast as internal fat which is known to cause such conditions as a stroke, heart disease and certain types of cancers.

Despite these life threatening conditions it seems that the dangers of obesity are either not known or just not accepted in this PC world of ours. This a warning that this next part may get a little political.

I first heard of the fat acceptance movement while watching my favourite fitness YouTuber- https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDankNick   (Nicks Strength and Power). The image that they seemed to try and get across was that size was not a good indicator for health, being fat isn’t always your fault and that in some cases being fat is advantageous. Despite there entire argument being false they seem to encounter little to no criticism from major persons in any authoritative position. So as they keep spreading their message of “acceptance” and “truth” I will gladly debunk their arguments and iron out a few things.

The first main argument is that weight is not a good indicator of health. In some cases this is true as someone like a rugby player or strongman can weigh upwards of 120KG and yet they are some of the strongest athletes in the world. However, in the case of the above, majority of this weight is muscle- but for the rest of us we are not built this way and our weight comes from an excess of fat. As we know from the previous paragraph having a significant excess of fat (regardless of it being internal or external) can have detrimental effect on your health.

This next point may come across a little harsh but it needs to be said- being fat is your fault. There is no gene for being fat, there is no such thing as being big boned- you are fat because of the actions of yourself. Of course there are things like insulin levels, metabolic rate and your childhood that you can’t control but generally speaking the person making you fat is you.

The final part of this almost rant is that being fat can be advantageous. This is the so far from the truth it is mind boggling but I will try and keep this scientific. If fat was advantageous you would find it in nature… and so you do with camels and the like having fat stores to use as energy. But we aren’t camels, we do not live in extreme environments and so do not require such adaptions and as the evidence I have presented numerous times in this post suggest ill health will follow.

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