The Fat Chronicles- Part 2

In part one of this little series I talked about the good that fat can do- supplying us with vitamins, keeping us warm etc. However this week I will be delving into the nasty side of fat the side of fat that people like to think they know a lot about.

As covered very briefly in part 1 fat can cause a increase in cholesterol. But only the wrong type of fat. Just to jog your memory, saturated fats (found in animal sources) are broken down into low density lipoproteins. This can clog arteries all around your body and increase the need for stents and other blood flow drugs. If left untreated then this can lead to certain cancers and death.

Possibly one of the most known and most talked about effect of an excess of fat in a  diet is obesity. I first started noticing a real focus on obesity in 2012 when the Olympics came to London, there were government campaigns, posters, adverts. A huge effort was made to build up awareness and education surrounding obesity and the dangerous risks associated with it. Despite this surprising push by the government to spend money on the benefit of others (lets try not to make this too political) the dangers of obesity are seemingly lesser known than ever. With groups like the “Fat Acceptance Movement” who I will tackle in a different post, spreading their message of body positivity  it seems that being overly fat is not only celebrated but almost looked up to. Today I will hit you with some facts about obesity and ones which hopefully you will take to heart. 35% of all American adults have obesity with more than 34% being overweight. Sadly for children and adolescents the numbers aren’t much better-over 1 in 3 are obese or overweight.

Many people would like to blame the above statistics on an excessive fat intake, which in turn is partly true due to fat being the most calorie dense of all the macro nutrients. However the issue is much more complex and really does deserve its own post.

The subsequent risks of obesity are all manors of cancer, stunted growth, heart disease, gall bladder disease and having very low stamina. This condition is hugely problematic and one that I would love to help with so if you are suffering with anything like this then please don’t hesitate to email me using the address on my home page. Thank you.

Another negative factor of fat is its effect on the nutrients that it dissolves. If you have a high fat diet that will mean that a significant amount of the fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,K can be absorbed by the body. This will therefore lead to an excess in these vitamins. An excess in vitamin D will cause an excess in calcium leading to nausea and sickness. An excess in vitamin E can cause nausea and stomach cramps.  It should be noted that these will only befall you if you also have an excess in the vitamin itself as well as the fat.

This brings an end to the chronicles and hopefully I have taught you something, for any other questions or queries that you may have please contact me via the email on the homepage I would love to help.

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