What it Means to be Fit

Some of you reading this will know me as a political and social commentator- picking out a story and writing a personal response. But I have decided that I would like to take a new direction with this blog- turning it into something more of a fitness advice website. Each week I will take a myth or idea in the fitness genre and talk about it: explaining what it is, how it works and why it is/not important. The plan is to try and assist as many people as possible and hopefully I can do that.

“the condition of being physically fit and healthy”

This definition is one formed by google and is used to define the word fitness. However, I didn’t think it was very good so I thought up a new definition.

The first part is strength. I often feel that strength is never considered as important when discussing fitness however it is an important factor in your overall health. Strength of course comes in many forms whether that be functional strength, looking at playing specific sports or completing certain activities. Or raw strength looking at simply moving as much weight as possible.Both forms work just fine however knowing when to use the various forms is a topic I may focus on in the weeks to come. Even then strength is measured in KG or Pounds but little awareness is given to the control of your own body- you may be able to dead lift triple digits but can you do a pull up? This is where a balance is required both in the definition itself and on a more personal level.

Part number two is endurance. This is something that many people expect to hear when fitness is discussed and to be fair does deserve its place. Endurance is commonly associated with long distance runners, cyclists and swimmers however, as with the above point, it encompasses a much larger field than that. Cardio-vascular endurance is important and should be employed in a fitness regime however being able to move a weight for an extended period of time is also important. Having the strength to move a lot of weight once and the endurance to move less weight repeatedly is something that many people forget in their training, and is therefore forgotten in the blanket definition.

The last part is speed, not only in sports such as running or swimming but also the ability to exert a force. Being able to run fast shows that you can exert a large force on the ground moving you forward. Much the same with lifting a weight with speed, it shows the ability to exert a force. Many of the athletes watched so readily by millions of people have this trait and so there is no reason why it should be left out of fitness.

I would go into further detail into each individual element and in turn explain more elements but for a first post on a re-branded blog I will wait. I hope that this has helped in some way and any questions you may have please make sure to email me at thefitnesswriter@yahoo.com.

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